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Phoenix FEA - Special Emphasis Program Managers Coalition SIGN UP NOW!

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Phoenix FEA - Special Emphasis Program Managers Coalition SIGN UP NOW!
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November is National American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month

Phoenix Federal Special Emphasis Program Managers (SEPMs):
FEA is in place to provide a forum for SEPMs to pool resources, information, share ideas, and coordinate efforts in order to streamline the process of Special Emphasis Observances.  We can all increase our efficiencies if we can build a working coalition dedicated to Special Emphasis issues.  Please take the time to become a member by registering here and we will be in contact soon  to hold our first Phoenix SEPM Coalition Conference call. Most of our work will be via e-mail, website and conference calling, so we can meet the work schedule needs of everyone! 
This webpage will  soon be dedicated to SEPM functions, training, observances, issues, powerpoint presentations, pdf files, fliers and any other resources that can increase awareness of diversity issues and National Heritage Month observances.
We NEED ALL AGENCY SEPMs to JOIN TODAY! Please fill out the form to become a member of the Pheonix FEA SEPM Coalition, your ideas are greatly needed!
-Tess A. Williams, VP - Phoenix Federal Executive Association

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President, Chester V. Bailey - Vice-President, Tess Acosta-Williams - Treasurer, Robert Blaney