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Office of Real Property Asset Management

Portfolio Analysis Division



The purpose of the GRPIS Program is:

To encourage and facilitate the sharing of real property information among Federal agencies, resulting in better real property asset management decisions, leading to cost effective use of resources and improved efficiencies.  The Program revolves around the formation of real property councils within major Federal communities nationwide. GRPIS councils exist in the areas of:

 Atlanta; Arizona; Denver; Kansas City; New Mexico; Portland, OR; Puget Sound, WA; San Francisco and South Florida.    

The GRPIS Mission:

      To collaborate with Public Buildings Service (PBS) program offices and all federal agencies

      To facilitate and promote GSA services to Federal agencies

      To explore interagency partnering opportunities, through the GRPIS network of councils

      To advance real property asset management efforts, including the Federal Real Property Council (FRPC) initiatives


GRPIS Participants:

Regional and field level Federal real property professionals, including realty specialists, community planners, facility managers, interior designers, contracting officers, administrative officers, security or energy personnel and other interested representatives.


The GRPIS Program provides:

   A common sense strategy for improving real property asset management

   A strategy to engage Federal real estate professionals in a collaborative community-based approach to problem solving and improved uses of resources where participation can lead to tangible results

   A process to identify your “Best Practices” and to recognize your agency’s innovative approaches to real property issues

   A means to develop an informal, yet defined, network of like-minded Federal real property colleagues in your community and, ultimately, nationwide

   A way to share real property information, such as best practices, community relation issues, and “pre-decisional” planning discussions of issues and projects (e.g., upcoming lease expirations, identification of good/bad contractors or lessors, space or equipment needs or excesses)


A collaborative environment that encourages partnerships and information sharing


The GRPIS Program is not:

         Not a space or management survey

         Not a program that requires additional reporting or attendance at pointless meetings

         There is no cost for membership


The GRPIS Team Wants:

      To visit with you and to have you show us your facility – sharing any best practices you might have implemented and/or any issues confronting you

      Your participation, along with your colleagues from other agencies, in local council meetings

      Your willingness to share information and ideas with your colleagues at other agencies in your community


You and Your Agency are Likely to Gain:

      Information about best practices implemented 

    by other Federal real property professionals  

    that have improved operations and reduced 

    costs for their agencies

      Opportunities to exchange solutions to 

    common problems in an informal collegial atmosphere

      Opportunities to collaborate and address 

     common needs and concerns with the 

     potential to save resources

      Ways to improve Federal real property 

    asset management by sharing information



President, Chester V. Bailey - Vice-President, Tess Acosta-Williams - Treasurer, Robert Blaney